Every child shapes their own development influenced by the sociocultural context. Genetic differences, differences in treating a child, differences in reactions and different environments are reasons why children become so different from each other and yet we see them growing up in the same families, in the same classrooms, in the same neighbourhoods. It can happen that you worry about your child's growth, learning and development as it is different from that of other children of their age-group. Or because he or she is often somber, angry, worried or lonely. You might be confronted with the environment not excepting your child's behaviour, teachers or caretakers mentioning having problems with her/him asking you to seek help. Maybe you realise your child has always been ‚different' and now you feel like it's time to find out why. It's possible that your child had to go through changes beyond their control, like moving house, the loss of a family member or divorce and this may effect their behaviour strongly.


I offer child and adolescent therapy and counseling to children from age 4-18 and their parents. The aim is to work on core qualities such as psychological resilience, individual personal development, autonomy, surrounding control and self acceptance.

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Bringing up a child means helping the child becoming an adult. An adult can accomplish his life tasks. He understands the expectations of life and is able to share an individual contribution to society. Being a good parent is not easy.

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If you know your child is gifted or assume so, or teachers or friends have pointed this out to you, please don't hesitate to contact me for advice or consultation.

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Darshana Ganatra

She studied Psychology both at Leiden University and at the University of Amsterdam with a degree specialised in Developmental Psychology.
She has an international academic background varying from Arts to Musicology.

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You can find relevant information, resources and FAQs about forms of therapy, psychology, disorders, support groups. You can also download questionnaires for your first appointment here.
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Darshana Ganatra, Denken Horen Bouwen, (meaning: to think, to hear, to build), artists, scientists and organisations in and around The Hague regularly offer interesting and informative courses for children, parents and teachers. Check here for upcoming dates. Read More
In my blog I mostly write about subjects that have to do with the mental health of children and adolescents. Blog

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I am here to help you and your child coping with her/his problems.
After planning an appointment in my agenda I first call you back and send you an email attaching a questionnaire*. We begin with a first appointment where we meet to talk about your concerns and where I can ask questions relevant to decide on which further consultation and assessments to take. Learn More

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