Bringing up a child means helping the child becoming an adult. An adult can accomplish his life tasks. He understands the expectations of life and is able to share a contribution to society. Above this it's so essential to develop a loving bond with your child and to let the child experience it's own stages of development. But how do you combine this in a healthy way?

Being a good parent is not easy. Among it’s many challenges are the questions it raises over the years. I offer individual help and advice as well as 5 week courses.

The courses consist of 5 two-part sessions. I have developed the method I use for these courses. You will learn that consistency, positive discipline, individuality, capacity, focussing and violence free upbringing are the subjects I communicate about when answering your questions.
In the first part of each session I will read, give examples in audio, video and powerpoint and after a short break we will talk about your individual questions. Ideally each course wil consist of 5 single or couple parents.

The courses include coffee/tea, a reader, course material and a booklist.

Popular courses are:
"my child is extremely active", "my child has no friends“, "moral development of children“
Enrole quickly for these courses if you are interested.
Other subjects can be:
"Metacognitive development", "problems at school", "communicating with my child".

These courses can be held in Dutch, English and German.
Please send me an email for information, timetable, location, bookings and questions.

Expatriate Families:
I am also experienced in helping Expatriate families adjusting emotionally to the host culture, developing realistic expectations of their children and helping with emotional problems their children may be facing due to integration.

Working with:
* Together with Martine van Es, education advisor and video interaction trainer, I am working on a day package offering treatment to help the child in it's environment. Video monitoring for the teachers at school and the parent/s at home, whilst still offering the child help on a one-to-one basis.
This can be an outcome for children and their surroundings suffering from different behaviour issues.
Please contact us if you are interested to receive further information.

* You can also book me for lectures and courses to offer to parents and teachers at your school.
Please get in touch with me about the subject of your interest.

Interesting Links:
I have made a list of interesting Links, books, videos and downloads that might be relevant for you. I constantly update this e.g. after attending symposiums please come back.

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